Noise Management

The Capital City Airport is committed to reducing, whenever possible, the effects and exposure of aircraft noise from the Frankfort airport. The management team responds to citizens' concerns, monitors aircraft noise, and provides technical information regarding aircraft operations and noise levels.

Noise abatement is achieved through voluntary agreements, land use measures, and FAA-approved operational procedures and programs designed to reduce the effects of aircraft noise on nearby residents.

Contact Us:

Scott Shannon, Assistant Director
Phone: 502.564.0099

Military Aircraft –Training Flights

Residents of the Frankfort area may experience increased helicopter noise due to training missions flown from Capital City Airport (FFT) and Boone National Guard Center by the Kentucky Army National Guard. National Guard pilots conduct routine helicopter training to stay current with mandatory requirements. Night flying is done almost monthly and is essential training for the use of night vision goggles (NVG's) so that pilots can identify threats in a nighttime environment. Pilots are required to maintain training currencies to do their mission day or night. Most flights will be completed between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Thank you for your understanding during these special conditions.

For further information please contact:

Major Stephen Martin
Kentucky Army National Guard Public Affairs Office

Noise Abatement

Operating an airport near residential areas while ensuring a safe and efficient air transportation system is a nationwide challenge. Courteous and responsible pilots are the key to a successful noise management program.

Pilots have the ultimate responsibility for operating aircraft. Although the FAA sometimes assigns the flight track and altitude, pilots maintain the authority to make final judgments. Based on safety criteria, the pilot may alter these procedures. In general, it is up to the pilot to avoid unnecessary residential overflights and fly as quietly as safety permits during departure and arrival.

Please help us maintain a Good Neighbor relationship with the surrounding community.

Be courteous–fly neighborly.

VFR Noise Abatement Procedures

Safety permitting, avoid flying over nearby residential areas when arriving or departing Capital City Airport. Please follow these procedures when safety, weather, and ATC instructions permit:

  • For Runway 07 departures, maintain runway heading until reaching 1000' AGL before making turn on course
  • For community compatibility and noise mitigation purposes, runway 25 is the preferred departure runway